You Deserve Luxury!

March 30, 2019

How would you define a luxurious interior space? At Kathleen Steele Design we define luxury interior design, as a lovely well thought out quality space, designed with a professional eye all the way. We indulge in spurges and always create custom details to make the design a personalized one-of-a kind.  We thought we would share some of the easy ways we add luxury to a space. Enjoy!

1. Add Lighting Luxury:

Changing up your light fixtures can instantly add  personality and luxury to a room. Selecting those special ones that create a focal point, like the dining room, would be an excellent place to start. For sure you need to know approximately which size would work best, but after that the choices are endless.  Select high-end manufactures as they have built their brands on quality and special finishes.  The matt black finishes has become a favourite of ours, as they add just a bit of timeless drama.

2. Pump up the Pillows:
Right! Find those pillows that are 22-inch square or larger with rich fabrics and patterns. For a welcoming lux feel pillows made of natural linens, silks and plush velvets are the best. Designers incorporate pillows with texture into their design to draw your eye around the space. Add soft pillow forms for maximum luxury. Man-made down is now available which gives us a plush feel like down, without hurting our animal friends.

3. Lively Flowers:
Indulging in purchasing seasonal flowers instantly makes your space come to life. White Orchids are one of our timeless favourites. When purchased from a reputable florist, they can last for months. And apparently, they can last for years which is a goal of mine. Fresh flowers add colour and a focal point to the room, with no real commitment.

4. Candle Lighting:
Don’t forget to add candles into your vignettes to create warmth and intimacy. Look at the outside candle holder too, tall or small, each holder provides another layer of interest. Choosing candles made of natural soy or bees wax brings on the luxury. These candles are better quality and  burn much slower and have natural aromatherapy scents that can be tailored to each room.

5. Lux Wallpaper:

Walls are not just for paint – adding texture is so much more luxurious. With natural grass clothes, silk wallpaper and updated vinyl wall coverings, selecting this design element for our projects is easy. These textures add so much warmth, personality, and subtle drama to any room. With being a long lasting beauty, this choice also reduces the need for change.

These are just a few of our ideas to take your home to the next lux level.  Let us know which idea you liked the best, or do you already bring on the luxury in your space?  You deserve it.   And if you need us to help with your next interior design we can do that too!

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