Ready to Renovate Your Dream Home

June 20, 2019 Kitchen Renovation Project

Should you move or renovate your current home? And the answer is yes renovate!

We believe that when you complete your own renovation whether it is an updated kitchen with open concept family room, or indulging in a new master bedroom complete with ensuite bathroom and full walk-in closets, you are able to make the space truly yours. You have the choice of selecting the style and products that you personally love. We think it is worth the time and energy to create your dream home. Here are a few points to consider to make the decision even easier.

1.Interior Building Re-structure :

Consider re-locating door and/or window placement for updated re-design. How about adding sliding doors instead of a window for greater access? Would raising a ceiling or adding an addition off the kitchen or upstairs be what you are looking for? Think outside the box and you can gain the extra space you may need.

2. Product & Material Selection :

Selecting and sourcing the right materials and products for your new space is 100% your choice. Because you are renovating and starting from scratch there are no compromises. You do not have to coordinate the old with the new. With the newly presented ideas you can take time to “warm up” to the design with updated trends, and truly understand the overall outcome.

3. Budget Control & Planning:

We appreciate the budgeting and planning stage as it is just as important in the overall renovation experience. This is where all the options and elements can be discussed with budget in mind.  It is total up to you where you want to splurge, and where we want to save in your renovation.  We have the experience and knowledge to guide our client’s through this process.

4. Project Management & Timing:

Coordinating all the products and elements for a renovation can be tricky and time consuming. We will ensure it will all go seamlessly, and you get to choose when the renovation will begin.. Planning, planning, and more planning we offer the full package. Some of our client’s chose to go on holidays or stay with family and friends while the big demo dust starts. Everyone is different and there is no rush to decide.

5. Accessorizing & Decorating:

This final step in the renovation process is about really adding your personality and style to the space with furniture and accessories including; drapery, accents, pillows, and art work. It’s all you! We can’t stress this enough it really becomes completely yours and yours alone, and so special to you with the final pieces in place.

Taking on any renovation is a big undertaking, but at Kathleen Steele Design we are with you all the way, with our full service approach. We offer a complimentary consultation, and would love to discuss with you, your ideas for your dream renovation.   (Complimentary consultation is thirty minutes in length with a few restrictions.)

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