Wall Paper Those Walls!

August 26, 2019

Above – Full Wallpaper Mural Phillip JeffriesMoon Glow Enchanted Woods.

Add Your Personality with Wallpaper

Wallpaper is available in a huge exciting variety of styles and materials especially with today’s technology.  From tone-on-tone damasks to full height murals, every room can be unique and custom. At Kathleen Steele Design we select intricate wallpaper designs for interior spaces which truly captures the individual look especially when coordinated with paint colour and other furniture pieces.  Wallpaper is an instant focal point.


Tone on Tone Patterns :

Here we added from Provincial Wallpaper – Palm Springs Collection  – Geometric Jute with Grey Quatrefiol.  This delicate wallpaper design brightens up this powder room with the cream jute backing and grey foil.

Designed by Kathleen Steele Design





Embellishments on Subtle Backgrounds :

Its Riveting Sterling On Marshmallow Manila Hemp, by Phillip Jeffries

This wallpaper adds texture and interest  with “a hexagon design with an Art-Deco flair uses small round raised rivets in a selection of colour and textured ground for the look and feel of an upholstered wall.” 



Neutral Vinyl Textures:

This silver vertical metallic vinyl wallpaper is truly a favorite at Kathleen Steele Design. We appreciate how these textured wallpapers wrap the room with subtle luxurious coziness. There are other colours and varieties to coordinate with any room.



History Lesson:

Wallpaper is an age old design favorite – here picture on the right is a hand blocked colourful peacock design from Scone Palace in Scotland.  “Scone Palace was the crowning place of Scottish kings. Scone Palace is surrounded by beautiful gardens and peaceful woodland, perfect for a gentle stroll or even a picnic – all under the watchful eye of the ever curious peacocks.”


Taking on any design project can be challenging, but at Kathleen Steele Design we are with you all the way, with our full service approach. We offer a complimentary phone consultation, and would love to discuss with you how we can add your personality with wallpaper and so much more.   (Complimentary consultation is thirty minutes in length with a few restrictions.)

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