Grey is the New Black

April 8, 2016

bathroom-grey-cabinet-quarterfoil-blue-white-shower-curtainWell not quite, but the colour “grey” continues to remain strong because it is so versatile.

Whether the colour is a warm or cool shade, dark or light, grey can be that neutral.  As we invest in our homes we want the design(s) we chose to not only look great, but last the test of time. Nevertheless, those trends that are able to do this – are gold (or rather grey).

So, add white or black or your favourite pop colour it’s all good.  Grey is perfect for moody dining rooms to create an intimate space, and yet an ideal selection for a serene beach house. And grey is not just for walls, think about cabinetry, sofas, chairs, pillows, should I go on. There are so many options and combinations that make me happy.

I could go on…  try it, we recommend it… Kathleen Steele Design approved.


A Transformation for Sure!

April 5, 2016

This master bathroom is coming out of 1980’s and is wonderful.

OMG – this master bathroom could not be turning out any more perfect! My client really wanted to update this 1980’s bathroom. We have chosen a curved drop in tub, glass shower doors and walls, and traditional floor tiles.
I went light on the walls – cloud white – love how it looks…so elegant. The cabinet will be white white with quartz counter top. Wait ’til you see the sconces and mirror!

2016-04-06 09.09.16

White cabinet with fab antique gold handles

2016-04-06 09.10.22

Tiled shower with niche – glass walls and doors soon to be installed

2016-04-06 09.08.39

Love this light fixture – just enough of gold and it is nice and white when it is turned on