Loving Our Lighting at the Condo

March 7, 2016

They sparkle and glow with just a perfect touch of Gold.

How spectacular are the pendant fixtures above the peninsula?  When these lights are off they have a white and sliver look, but wait when they are turned on these lights glow a soft gold. The mercury globes are perfect combination with the white cabinets, stainless steel and black appliances.  Love them.

And the dinning room fixture! It has circle and crystal rock hanging chains -with the white shade.  It adds interest and fun styling to the dinning room table that is yet to come. Lighting is the style and personality of the room, we always need to spend the time and find it.

2016-03-02 13.00.35

Mercury globes turned on glowing gold!

2016-03-02 13.22.17

Beautiful light fixture – gold circle and rock crystal hanging chains with white shade.