Colour – Richer Darker Shades

July 15, 2017

New Image

Welcome the newest shades of bordeaux, raspberry, and cherry red that will add a rich feminine touch to any room. I am personally in love with the fresh bordeaux  shade. For our timeless design, pair with neutrals like a favourite grey and allow your carefully placed bordeaux pieces to become the focal point. Designer tip – select only one of the new shades. Consider choosing these shades for some upholstery, a band on the drapery, or accessories.  To complete a luxurious space add rich burnished gold or bronze in lamps, and other metal details.  Again, in all timeless designs less is more.


Pictures clockwise from top left: Fabric – velvet damask – Bordeaux – Ralph Lauren, Clutch Purse – Coach, Antique Books, Blown Glass Plate by Nicholson.


The Look – Natural & Organic

June 19, 2017

whiteorganicIn a time where so much is massed produced and duplicated, natural materials and skilled hand-made décor accessories are a great alternative. With raw white pottery, made by artisans, we find beauty in the imperfections.  While white marble stone grounds a space and adds texture and warmth. It’s all about the balance with timeless design, a great example is the round marble top with slim rose gold legs (right-bottom). Perfect!

Pictures clockwise from top left: Cake Stands & Marble Cutting Boards- Williams-Sonoma, White Circular Vases- Global Views, Marble Tray with Gold Feet – Global Views, Marble Round Tables by CB2.

What Are Your Big Dreams?

March 21, 2017

hydrangeaGreyBorderWhat are your Big Dreams for your space, whether it be home or office? Is it the kitchen in your current home, how big do you want it to be? Think big. Dream Big.– do we need to move a wall so you can open up the dining room into the kitchen?  How about expanding your master bath room and making it a spa re-treat?  Or have you been admiring a room on-line with a perfect sofa, accent chairs, and hand knotted wool rugs and now have to have it all for your home.  Maybe it’s all the above.

How to Dream BIG?

Create a Vision Board or Binder:

1) Do not be concerned with what is now – Dream Big!

2) Take the time – carve out some time for yourself to surf on-line, read through magazines, and take photos of all the possibilities. Pinterest works well here.

3) Challenge yourself with every image- why do you like it? cabinet profile is simple and timeless, drapery panels are lukx, look at all the details.

4) Edit down your images on your board or in your book, and is it becoming clearer?  Sometimes putting one idea on it’s own board might work, for example “Door Profiles” idea maybe you have two.

5) Keep repeating until you are satisfied- again take your time let the ideas breathe.

Creating your vision board with your dream and benefits in mind is so exciting. You can use stickers, photos, quotes, cut-outs from magazines or anything else you can think of. Be creative!

At Kathleen Steele Design we want to dream big with you.  When you are ready let’s open the conversation and talk through all the ideas and come up with a plan of action.  We are here and waiting.