Blue is Happy Not Sad!

September 15, 2016

Blue is not as serious as black, and blue makes more of a statement than grey.

Blue can be used as a neutral or grounding colour in a space, and works in almost every style from Traditional to Modern.   Selecting blue as one of your colour choices takes a bit more coordination, but I think it is worth it.

Indigo blue and crispy white are easy to emulate, but do not over use patterns and textures.  Selecting a few well-placed pillows and decor creates balance and order.   As a fresh update with blue and white, infuse one of the soft warm greys in the space, and watch your space instantly become sophisticated and timeless.

To create a cheerier space, combine blue with a lime green, kelley green, or sunrise yellow.  This combination can be chosen for accents only.  Or for those who are more daring, select this combination for larger pieces of furniture, area carpets, and art work.   Certainly, for some commercial and youthful spaces this colour palette would create a fun and lively design.

Are you looking for a spa tranquil space? Then a greyed soft blue, like robin’s egg blue, would create that soothing relaxing space.  These spaces should have low contrast, so combine softer creams and greys as your secondary colour.  Limiting the number of accent colours in this colour scheme will ensure a sense of calm.

Whatever your favorite blue, it can be added to your décor now and in your future designs.  Do not be afraid, at Kathleen Steele Design we have to covered, if you get stuck we are only a call way.  Happy Blue thoughts.

Timeless Design is Always in Style!

September 5, 2016

At Kathleen Steele Design we often get asked what’s your design style? and we say – Timeless Design.

Whether modern or traditional it is quietly understated and sophisticated. Spaces are functional but not bland or boring.  Timeless Design is subtle, adaptable and outlasts seasonal trends. We believe that timeless design creates balance and a sense of peace in our busy world.

How to Achieve a Timeless Design:

Style & Colour:

For major overall design concept consider classic styles and colours.  These have staying power and will not look dated. Choose earth tones, usually light to medium shades for walls, balanced with classic materials for furnishings and décor. Draw on classic patterns, but limit yourself to one pattern. If you feel the need for more variety, choose two different sizes of the same pattern – one large and one small; this keeps it fresh and relevant.  Seasonal colour trends are only used for accents and can easily be changed from year to year.
Materials & Architecture:

Emphasize clean lines and shapes with natural architectural details. Use sustainable materials in the space – wood, stone, and natural fibers. Marble and granite in a neutral palette continues to stand the test of time and grounds the design.  Cotton and linen fabrics are crisp and cool while feeling luxurious.

Scale & Function:

Timeless design is perfectly scaled and proportioned.  Furniture and and decor have balance and order and do not over power the space.The function of each space is thought through to give the space added performance but in exciting and innovated ways.

The Personal Touch:

Whether modern or traditional, old or new, furniture placed in the right spot and combination with other pieces adds that personal touch.  Art work and accessories should reflect your personality. Remember place these personal pieces in the right spot to create balance and order. Less is more.